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Setting the bar-

I know it is  a strange tradition for us to set resolutions every year to see how we can  improve our life in the coming year. Sometimes setting outrageous goals for example; swim upstream with a group of crocodiles in the winter­čśéOne of the greatest lesson I learned in 2017 was DISCIPLINE. Setting goals (short and or long term) either everyday or every month was a goal I wanted to accomplish and Im glad it became a want rather than a must do.
Here we go.

Skydiving over the Namib desert - I know it sounds crazy but I had to reschedule my actual skydive appointment to next year cause to be honest my bank account was really not supporting my idea.

Make more money - Emphasis on MORE because this year I managed to get my first salary paying  job ,so that was my trial run in learning how to manage,save and budget my money. So 2018 is all about moneeeeeeyyyy
Travel More - now before I plan to catch flights to go across the great big blue,I feel I need to cover Namibian grounds first, then the …

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